Our Services

We provide training programs specialized in your sport and goals utilizing a combination of these cutting-edge technologies and other visual and cognitive tasks.



Revolutionary eye-tracking technology to measure and improve dynamic vision. This FDA approved program measures eye movement patterns to assess visual skills such as Vision Tracking, Eye Teaming and Eye-Hand Coordination. RightEye has partnered with USA Baseball to assess vision skills in amateur prospects, which will be used for the 2021 MLB draft.


Sense Arena

Virtual Reality goalie training for hockey players. Improve your ability to read the release, track the play, and make the saves, as well as improving visual and cognitive skills like reaction time and peripheral awareness.



The worlds most scientifically-validated cognitive training system. Consists of 3D multiple object tracking system to increase brain efficiency through improving executive function, peripheral vision, visual info processing, and working memory.



Flash reflex training system utilized to improve reaction time, peripheral awareness, and much more.

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SENAPTEC Strobe Glasses

Strobing eyewear that removes visual information, improving processing efficiency of visual stimuli. Utilized to improve movement, balance, and reaction time.


SENAPTEC Synchrony

LED light bar designed to improve anticipation timing, eye-tracking ability, eye-hand timing, and much more.

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