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Research in NeuroSport

What does the literature say about NeuroSport Training?

NeuroSport training is a developing field in sports training, here are some of the current findings in research related to NeuroSport, Sports Vision, Neuro-cognitive, and perceptual training in sports. 


  • Vision training program had positive impacts on visual skills important to ice hockey including binocular vision skills and visual reaction time (Jenerou, Morgan, & Buckingham, 2015)

  • Stroboscopic visual training during on-ice drills enhanced on-ice performance of position-relevant skills (Mitroff et al., 2013)

  • Faster visual reaction time, faster visual stimulus discrimination, better visual memory, and faster ability to shift between far and near objects were significant predictors of important performance statistics in Men's Division 1 Ice Hockey (Poltavski & Biberdorf, 2015)

  • Visual and oculomotor abilities predict professional baseball batting performance (Liu et al., 2020)

  • Elite athletes have a heightened ability to learn unpredictable and complex visual scenes through a higher level of mental processing and learning ability in comparison to elite-amateurs and non-athletes (Faubert, 2013)

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