Sports Vision

Sports vision, also termed neurocognitive or neurosport training, is the training of the brain using the eyes and the body. While all athletes physically train their bodies for sports, most neglect this important aspect of training. 


Sports vision enhancement gives athletes of all sports and abilities an "edge" in their performance. Athletes improve reaction time, awareness, anticipation, timing, decision making and overall performance.

Using a multitude of cutting-edge technologies and programs, we can train and improve 10 different measures of visual and sensorimotor skills, your "visual software" as well as a multitude of oculomotor skills, your "visual hardware" (Burris et al., 2017). 

10 Visual and Sensorimotor Skills (Burris et al., 2017)

Visual Clarity

Your ability to see fine details at a distance.

Contrast Sensitivity

Your ability to detect contrast between objects. 

Depth Perception

Your ability to quickly and accurately detect differences in depth. 

Near-Far Quickness

Your ability to quickly and accurately shift focus between objects that are close to objects that are far away. 

Perception Span

Your ability to perceive and recreate visual patterns to help you make fast and accurate decisions.

Multiple Object Tracking

Your ability to efficiently and accurately track multiple moving objects in a 3D space.

Reaction Time

How quickly you can react and respond to a visual stimuli. 

Target Capture 

How fast you can shift focus and attention to objects in your periphery.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Your ability to complete a task quickly and accurately using visually-guided hand movements. 

Go / No-Go

Your ability to execute a response or inhibit a response based on the type of stimuli (i.e., go on green but don't go on red).

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